From the beginning of 2020, resonating with the entire human race facing the COVID-19 epidemic, people can only sit at home and communicate with their mobile phones or laptops. Other forms of making money online develop strongly. These include participating in lending packages to receive interest, trading and exchanging tokens (typically with the YFI coin up to the time of writing, the value has reached $ 22,368.00 — more valuable than the currency that once stormed Bitcoin in 2017), or play online exchange like Forex.

In this article, the author will share the most basic form of making money in…

Coming to the Vietnam market in 2013, Popeyes has quickly become the preferred choice of fried chicken in particular and fast food in general. Popeyes has developed its brand on many platforms such as its website, mobile ordering application, or other online delivery applications to attract and reach its customers.

Applying digital technology to businesses, Popeyes must set out information security policies for customers and businesses’ information security options. In recent times, we have received severe information about this brand: 170,000 Popeyes customer accounts of Vietnam market were exposed, including information such as email, phone number, gender, date birth, first…

Tinhte is one of the free forums that anyone can visit to view information technology, science and technology, and life technology. Many young people, each month, actively discuss this forum. Tinhte has more than 23 million hits, gathered more than 1 million members, and changes every day.

As the largest forum in Vietnam, in recent years, Tinhte has applied Machine Learning and Big Data technology to suggest suitable articles to users while analyzing, identifying trends, and the user’s interest in what kind of news. …

The fitness industry in Vietnam grows at an average rate of 20% annually until 2020, with market size of about 113 million USD. However, high-end brands such as Elite Fitness, California Fitness & Yoga… hold the bigger slice of the cake while other gyms, although at large scale, do not take much market share.

Along with the opportunity to earn hundreds of millions of dollars, Elite Fitness also face challenges in digital transformation. …

Giaohangtietkiem (GHTK) is a professional eCommerce transporter. This company provides door-to-door, convenience-to-door services to online stores or businesses. With a broad reach of more than 1,000 branches across the country, 20,000 shippers are operating continuously. Their information places a big question of whether there will be many customer information such as name, phone number, shipping address, and goods that will leak out.

Many domestic enterprises have recently expanded into other businesses to take advantage of the enormous customer base that is becoming a trend. But it becomes more harmful when these priceless assets are unsafe or traded on the black…


The Trustsales developer team always trusts the end-users and allows them to upload any file format to their system. Hackers took advantage of this loophole and took control of the server and the entire database.

Severity: Critical


Most Web applications allow the user to perform avatars changes, image and video sharing, file management functions, or product image management. This is one of the most important and popular functions on most websites. Moreover, the processing of these files is done on the Server-Side side, so this is one of the targets that hackers are especially interested in.

Applications that do not control the…

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But I'm only a vigilante hacker by night. By day, just a regular cybersecurity engineer. Employee number ER28-0652

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